Current Mobile Giving Programs

The Mobile Giving Foundation provides grants to the following qualified charities based on donors’ recommendations made through your mobile phone. Text any “KEYWORD” to its associated “SHORTCODE” from your mobile phone to donate.

The amount of your donation will be added to your wireless bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. Message & data rates may apply. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. All charges must be authorized by the account holder. Proceeds benefit the Mobile Giving Foundation which makes donation grants to pre-qualified charity partners. Service is available on most carriers. For more detailed Terms and Conditions, please click here.

The amount of your one-time donation will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. Donor must be age 18+ and all donations must be authorized by the account holder (e.g.parents). By texting YES, the user agrees to the terms and conditions. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. Service is available on most carriers. Donations are collected for the benefit of the Mobile Giving Foundation and it’s pre-qualified charity partners and subject to the terms found at Message & Data Rates May Apply.

You can unsubscribe at any time by texting STOP to campaigns short code or receive help by texting HELP. (20222, 501501, 52000, 80100, 25383, 50333, 864233, 777444, 90404, 50555, 80077, 40202, 80806 or 90999).

Adaptive Training FoundationADAPT20222$10.00
Adaptive Training FoundationREDEFINE20222$20.00
Adaptive Training FoundationTRIBE20222$50.00
Air Force AssociationAFA1052000$10.00
Air Force AssociationAFA2552000$25.00
America Salutes YouFREEDOM20222$10.00
American Autoimmune Related DiseasesAARDA20222$20.00
American Cancer SocietyACS20222$5.00
American Cancer SocietyACS1020222$10.00
American Cancer SocietyATL20222$10.00
American Cancer SocietyCVC20222$10.00
American Cancer SocietyHOPE20222$10.00
American Cancer SocietyLIFE20222$10.00
American Cancer SocietyRIDE20222$10.00
American Cancer SocietyCURE20222$25.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationACLU1020222$10.00
American Civil Liberties Union FoundationACLU2520222$25.00
American Geophysical UnionAUSTIN20222$10.00
American Heart AssociationHEART52000$5.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudeKIDS50333$5.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudeCURE50333$10.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudeGIVE50333$10.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudeHOPE50333$10.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudeLIFE50333$10.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudePIZZA50333$10.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudeROCK50333$10.00
American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities aka St JudeVIDA50333$10.00
American Lung AssociationLUNG520222$5.00
American Lung AssociationLUNG1020222$10.00
American Lung AssociationLUNG2520222$25.00
American Nurses FoundationNURSE20222$10.00
American Nurses FoundationRN20222$10.00
American Nurses FoundationTHANKS20222$25.00
American Nurses FoundationMAGNET20222$50.00
American Red Cross1090999$10.00
American Red CrossEARTHQUAKES90999$10.00
American Red CrossGIVE90999$10.00
American Red CrossHOMEFIRE90999$10.00
American Red CrossPREVENT90999$10.00
American Red CrossREDCROSS90999$10.00
American Red CrossRELIEF90999$10.00
American Red CrossALARM90999$15.00
American Red Cross2590999$25.00
American Red CrossDONATE90999$25.00
Americas Wetland FoundationWETLAND20222$10.00
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis AssociationALS25383$10.00
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis AssociationALSHOPE25383$10.00
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis AssociationBEATALS25383$10.00
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis AssociationFIGHTALS25383$10.00
Anthony Rizzo Family FoundationHOPE4452000$20.00
Arkansas FoodbankFEED501501$10.00
Arkansas Hunger Relief AllianceHUNGER52000$10.00
Arkansas Hunger Relief AllianceRELIEF52000$50.00
Association of College and University Housing OfficersACUHOI20222$25.00
ATT Employee Relief FundERF2880$5.00
ATT Employee Relief FundERF52880$5.00
ATT Employee Relief FundERF102880$10.00
ATT Employee Relief FundERF252880$25.00
ATT Employee Relief FundERF502880$50.00
Baltimore Office of Promotion and The ArtsARTS52000$5.00
Battle Creek Community FoundationSUPPORT20222$10.00
Beacon of Hope Crisis CenterADVOCATE20222$10.00
Beacon of Hope Crisis CenterEMPOWER20222$25.00
Beyond Batten Disease FoundationCHASE501501$10.00
Beyond Batten Disease FoundationHERO501501$10.00
Beyond Batten Disease FoundationHUGS501501$10.00
Beyond Batten Disease FoundationSISTERS501501$10.00
Beyond Batten Disease FoundationTYLER20501501$20.00
Board of Trustees of Calvary Presbyterian ChurchCALVARY1020222$10.00
Board of Trustees of Calvary Presbyterian ChurchCALVARY2520222$25.00
Boys and Girls Club of Central TexasCLUBS80100$10.00
Boys and Girls Club of Edinburg Rio Grande ValleyCLUB20222$5.00
Building Homes for HeroesHERO80100$10.00
Building Homes for HeroesHERO2580100$25.00
Cals All Star Angel FoundationGIVE2CALS20222$10.00
Campanile FoundationAZTEC20222$10.00
Campanile FoundationSDSU20222$10.00
Cardinal Glennon Childrens FoundationGLENNON501501$10.00
Cardinal Glennon Childrens FoundationHOMER501501$10.00
Carry the LoadHONOR52000$25.00
Cathedral Church of St John the DivineBLESSING52000$25.00
Catholic Charities of DallasHOPE501501$25.00
Central Park ConservancyPARK20222$5.00
Chaminade Development FundFLYERS52000$5.00
Chaminade Development FundCHAMINADE52000$10.00
Chaminade Development FundFORTES52000$25.00
Childrens Home FoundationHOPE80100$5.00
Childrens Home FoundationFAMILY80100$10.00
Childrens Home FoundationKIDS80100$10.00
Childrens Home FoundationSAFE80100$10.00
Childrens Rehabilitation Foundation of Variety Club of BuffaloVARIETY20222$20.00
Community Cancer FundCCF52000$10.00
Connecticut Association of Realtors FoundationCTR2552000$25.00
Covenant House InternationalFIGHT52000$10.00
Covenant House InternationalSAFE52000$25.00
Cradles to CrayonsC2C20222$25.00
Dallas FoundationTEACHER20222$10.00
Dana Farber Cancer Institute dba The Jimmy FundJIMMY20222$5.00
Dana Farber Cancer Institute dba The Jimmy FundKCANCER20222$25.00
Dana Farber Cancer Institute dba The Jimmy FundCANCER20222$50.00
David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World PeaceTM20222$15.00
David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World PeaceCHANGE20222$25.00
David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World PeaceMEDITATE20222$50.00
Defenders of WildlifeDEFEND20222$10.00
Dicks Sporting Goods FoundationSPORTS20222$10.00
Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association of AmericaDEBRA20222$20.00
Easter Seals Puerto RicoSERPR20222$10.00
Endometriosis Foundation of AmericaENDO520222$5.00
Endometriosis Foundation of AmericaENDO20222$10.00
Endometriosis Foundation of AmericaENDO2520222$25.00
Entertainment Industry Foundation- EIFHOPES50555$5.00
Entertainment Industry Foundation- EIFGIVE50555$10.00
Equal Justice InitiativeMERCY20222$10.00
Equal Justice InitiativeJUSTICE20222$25.00
Feeding AmericaMEALS50555$25.00
Five For The FightFUTURE50555$5.00
Five For The FightJAZZ50555$5.00
Foundation Fighting BlindnessVISION20222$10.00
Foundation Fighting BlindnessFIGHT20222$20.00
Foundation for Appalachian OhioGROWHOME20222$10.00
Gift of Life Bone Marrow FoundationDONOR20222$10.00
Gift of Life Bone Marrow FoundationGOL20222$10.00
Gift of Life Bone Marrow FoundationMITZVAH20222$10.00
Gift of Life Bone Marrow FoundationSWAB20222$10.00
Global Blood FundBLOOD52000$5.00
Global Blood FundSIGN52000$10.00
Grand PerformancesGRAND20222$20.00
Greater Boston Food BankGBFB20222$10.00
Greater Boston Food BankHUNGER20222$10.00
Greater Boston Food BankSOX20222$10.00
Greater Boston Food BankTURKEY20222$10.00
Greater Boston Food BankWAAF20222$10.00
Greater New Orleans Teen ChallengeMONTHLY52000$10.00
Helping Hand for Relief and DevelopmentFITRA20222$10.00
Helping Hand for Relief and DevelopmentHHRD20222$10.00
Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless4FEED20222$5.00
Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless4HOSEA20222$10.00
Hosea Feed the Hungry and HomelessPORSHA20222$10.00
Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless4KIDS20222$20.00
Hospice of the Chesapeake FoundationHOCCARE20222$40.00
Illinois Saint Andrew Society of the Scottish Old Peoples HomeSCOTS20222$20.00
International Dyslexia AssociationREAD20222$10.00
International Dyslexia AssociationLEARN20222$20.00
International Rescue CommitteeRESCUE25383$10.00
Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife ResearchCHIMP20222$10.00
Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife ResearchJANE20222$10.00
JDRF InternationalJDRF520222$5.00
JDRF InternationalJDRFYLC20222$5.00
JDRF InternationalJDRF20222$10.00
JDRF InternationalJDRFCURE20222$10.00
Jenesse CenterJCGIVE20222$10.00
Job Creators Network FoundationJCN20222$25.00
KOA Care CampsFOREST20222$20.00
KOA Care CampsCAMP20222$25.00
Kolel Chibas JerusalemBSAFE20222$5.00
Kolel Chibas JerusalemIGIVE20222$5.00
Kolel Chibas JerusalemIGIVE420222$10.00
Kolel Chibas JerusalemPUSHKA20222$10.00
Kraddick FoundationKIDD52000$10.00
Lafayette CollegePARD20222$10.00
Lazarus HouseDIGNITY20222$10.00
Life Challenge of Southeastern MichiganCRUSH20222$25.00
Little Kids RockROCK1020222$10.00
Little Kids RockROCK2520222$25.00
Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission SocietyFOOD4FLINT20222$10.00
Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission SocietyLOTTCAREY20222$10.00
Mariners MuseumTRAIL20222$10.00
Marjaree Mason CenterMMC2520222$25.00
Marjaree Mason CenterMMC5020222$50.00
Massachusetts Iraq and Afghanistan Fallen Heroes MemorialHONOR20222$10.00
Massachusetts Iraq and Afghanistan Fallen Heroes MemorialMFH20222$10.00
MBA Open Doors FoundationODF20222$25.00
Metairie Park Country Day SchoolCAJUNS20222$10.00
Michigan Science CenterILLUMINATE20222$10.00
Michigan Science CenterSCIENCE20222$10.00
Mile High United WayUNITED20222$10.00
Minnesota Dental FoundationSMILE1020222$10.00
Minnesota Dental FoundationSMILE2520222$25.00
Montachusett Opportunity CouncilOPPORTUNITY52000$10.00
Municipal Theatre Association of St LouisMUNY520222$5.00
Municipal Theatre Association of St LouisMUNY1020222$10.00
Municipal Theatre Association of St LouisMUNY2520222$25.00
National FFA FoundationCULVERS20222$5.00
National FFA FoundationGIVEFFA20222$5.00
National FFA FoundationFFA20222$50.00
National Geographic SocietyBIGCATS550555$5.00
National Geographic SocietyWILDLIFE50555$5.00
National Geographic SocietyWOLF50555$5.00
National Geographic SocietyANIMAL50555$10.00
National Geographic SocietyBIGCATS1050555$10.00
National Geographic SocietyELEPHANT50555$10.00
National Geographic SocietyLIONS50555$10.00
National Geographic SocietyNATGEO50555$10.00
National Geographic SocietySHARKS50555$10.00
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial FundRESPECT501501$5.00
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial FundHONOR501501$10.00
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial FundREMEMBER501501$25.00
National Wildlife FederationGOWILD25383$10.00
National Wildlife FederationLION25383$10.00
National Wildlife FederationWILD25383$10.00
National Wildlife FederationWILDLIFE25383$10.00
Naval Aviation Museum FoundationBLUE20222$5.00
Naval Aviation Museum FoundationJET20222$10.00
Naval Aviation Museum FoundationNAVY20222$15.00
Naval Aviation Museum FoundationWINGS20222$25.00
NEXT for AUTISMSTARS50555$25.00
Nobles and Greenough SchoolNOBLES20222$10.00
Nobles and Greenough SchoolREUNION0520222$10.00
Nobles and Greenough SchoolREUNION1020222$10.00
Nobles and Greenough SchoolREUNION1520222$10.00
Northwell Health FoundationNORTHWELL20222$15.00
Northwell Health FoundationNORTHWELL1520222$15.00
Northwell Health FoundationCOHEN20222$20.00
Northwell Health FoundationCOHEN2020222$20.00
On PointYOUTH20222$25.00
One Warm CoatCOAT80100$5.00
One Warm CoatWARM80100$10.00
OneStar FoundationGIVE501501$25.00
OneStar FoundationHARVEY501501$25.00
OneStar FoundationTEXAS501501$25.00
Orlando Health FoundationRELIEF20222$10.00
Oxfam AmericaOXFAM20222$20.00
Parent Project for Muscular Dystrophy ResearchCURE501501$25.00
Philadelphia Ronald McDonald HouseFAMILY20222$25.00
Presbyterian Church USAJOY20222$10.00
Presbyterian Church USAOGHS20222$10.00
Presbyterian Church USAPCUSA20222$10.00
Presbyterian Church USAPDA20222$10.00
Presbyterian Church USAPEACE20222$10.00
Presbyterian Church USAYOUNG20222$10.00
Prostate Cancer FoundationPCF20222$10.00
Prostate Cancer FoundationPCF1020222$10.00
Prostate Cancer FoundationPCFGIVE20222$25.00
Racing for CancerRFC20222$10.00
RC 22 FoundationSCGIVE52000$5.00
Realm of Caring FoundationROC52000$10.00
Refuge ClinicCLINIC20222$25.00
Regional Food Bank of OklahomaPANTRY501501$5.00
Regional Food Bank of OklahomaCHICKASAW501501$10.00
Regional Food Bank of OklahomaDISASTER501501$10.00
Regional Food Bank of OklahomaFFK501501$10.00
Regional Food Bank of OklahomaFOOD501501$10.00
Regional Food Bank of OklahomaKIDS501501$10.00
Regional Food Bank of OklahomaMEALS501501$10.00
Regional Food Bank of OklahomaRFBO40501501$10.00
Regional Food Bank of OklahomaTORNADO501501$10.00
Rhode Island Legal ServicesJUSTICE52000$10.00
Ronald McDonald House of DelawareHUGS52000$10.00
Ronald McDonald House of DelawareRMHDE52000$10.00
Saint Francis Community ServicesHEAL20222$25.00
Salvadorian American Humanitarian FoundationSALVADOR20222$10.00
San Diego Humane Society and SPCAHUMANE52000$10.00
Save the Children FederationAID20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationCHILDREN20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationDONATE20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationGIRL20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationNEWBORN20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationREFUGEE20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationSAFE20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationSAVE20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationSAVEKIDS20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationSURVIVE20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationTWISTER20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationUSKIDS20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationZIKA20222$10.00
Save the Children FederationCYCLONE20222$25.00
Save the Children FederationHURRICANE20222$25.00
Save the Children FederationSYRIA20222$25.00
SBP - Long-Term Home RebuildingDORIAN501501$10.00
SBP - Long-Term Home RebuildingDORIAN20501501$20.00
SBP - Long-Term Home RebuildingHOME501501$20.00
Share our StrengthSTRENGTH20222$5.00
Share our StrengthSHARE80100$10.00
Share our StrengthSTRENGTH80100$10.00
Share our StrengthSHARE20222$25.00
Shriners Hospitals for ChildrenDREAM25383$10.00
Sickle Cell Disease Association of AmericaCURE52000$10.00
Sickle Cell Disease Association of AmericaMOVE52000$10.00
Sickle Cell Disease Association of AmericaBREAK52000$50.00
Smithsonian InstitutionDESIGN20222$5.00
Smithsonian InstitutionFLAG20222$5.00
Smithsonian InstitutionFSG20222$5.00
Smithsonian InstitutionSMITH20222$5.00
Smithsonian InstitutionCONSERVE20222$10.00
Smithsonian InstitutionDCPANDAS20222$10.00
Smithsonian InstitutionDINO20222$10.00
Smithsonian InstitutionNATIVE20222$10.00
Smithsonian InstitutionNATZOO20222$10.00
Smithsonian InstitutionNMAAHC20222$10.00
South Florida Sports FoundationDCC20222$25.00
South Florida Sports FoundationENDOWMENT20222$25.00
South Florida Sports FoundationMDF20222$25.00
South Nassau Communities HospitalSNCH52000$10.00
Spirit of America WorldwideTROOPS20222$25.00
TeletonUSA FoundationTELETON20222$25.00
The Family Pantry of Cape CodPANTRY80100$10.00
The Family Pantry of Cape CodHUNGER80100$20.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesANIMALS20222$10.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesGIVING20222$10.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesHUMANE20222$10.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesLOVE20222$10.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesHSUS20222$20.00
The Humane Society of the United StatesTWITCH20222$20.00
The Independence FundHERO52000$10.00
The Salvation Army DFW Metroplex CommandCOWBOYS20222$10.00
The Salvation Army DFW Metroplex CommandKETTLE20222$10.00
The Salvation Army DFW Metroplex CommandANGEL20222$25.00
The Salvation Army DFW Metroplex CommandDAL20222$50.00
Things of My Very OwnTHINGS52000$10.00
Tony Hawk FoundationSKATEPARK20222$5.00
Tony Hawk FoundationSKATE20222$10.00
Tony Hawk FoundationTHF20222$25.00
Trustees of Boston University WBURWBUR520222$5.00
Trustees of Boston University WBURTHREAD20222$10.00
Trustees of Boston University WBURWBUR1020222$10.00
Trustees of Boston University WBURWBURGIVE20222$10.00
Trustees of Boston University WBURWBUR2520222$25.00
Trustees of ReservationsGARDENS20222$10.00
United Negro College FundGVNJUNCF50555$5.00
United Negro College FundCIAA50555$10.00
United Negro College FundEDUCATE50555$10.00
United Negro College FundINDY50555$10.00
United Negro College FundMIGRADS50555$10.00
United Negro College FundGRADUATE50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCF50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFATL50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFBHAM50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFBOS50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFCHAR50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFCHI50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFCLEV50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFCOL50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFDAL50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFDC50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFDET50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFDMV50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFFLA50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFFTL50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFHOU50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFINDY50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFJAX50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFMIN50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFNA50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFNC50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFNEW50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFNO50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFNY50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFORL50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFPHIL50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFRICH50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFSEA50555$25.00
United Negro College FundUNCFSTL50555$25.00
United Way of Essex and West HudsonWATER20222$10.00
United Way of Southeast LouisianaWAY20222$5.00
US Fund for the Global Fund to Fight Aids Tuberculosis and MalariaRED90404$10.00
Valley Childrens Healthcare FoundationGEORGE20222$10.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars FoundationJJD20222$5.00
Veterans of Foreign Wars FoundationNEEDS20222$5.00
Volunteer Florida FoundationDISASTER20222$10.00
Volunteer Florida FoundationDISASTER2520222$25.00
Walking with AnthonyWWA20222$10.00
Washington Humane Society DBA Humane Rescue AllianceCARE501501$10.00
Washington Humane Society DBA Humane Rescue AlliancePAWS501501$10.00
Washington Humane Society DBA Humane Rescue AllianceDONATE501501$25.00
Washington Humane Society DBA Humane Rescue AllianceHRA501501$25.00
Wild Animal SanctuaryTIGER80100$10.00
Wild Animal SanctuaryWILD80100$10.00
Wild Animal SanctuaryRESCUE80100$25.00
Wild Animal SanctuarySANCTUARY80100$50.00
World Central KitchenFOOD80100$10.00
World RenewBLESSING20222$10.00
World VisionAFRICA777444$10.00
World VisionGIVE777444$10.00
World VisionHOPE777444$10.00
World VisionNEPAL777444$10.00
World VisionONE777444$10.00
World VisionSCHOOL777444$10.00
World VisionSCHOOLS777444$10.00
World VisionTORNADO777444$10.00
World VisionWATER777444$10.00
World VisionACT777444$25.00
World VisionHAITI777444$25.00
World Wildlife Fund USADOPT20222$10.00
World Wildlife Fund USEARTH20222$10.00
World Wildlife Fund USPANDA20222$10.00
World Wildlife Fund USTIGER20222$10.00
World Wildlife Fund USWWF20222$25.00
Worldventures FoundationWVF20222$10.00
Worldventures FoundationHEART20222$25.00
Wreaths Across AmericaWREATH20222$15.00

Supporting Partners