8/14/2014 – Announcing the formation of the Mobile Giving Alliance

1/28/2014 – The Mobile Giving Foundation partners with Danal for charitable donations

10/15/2013 – Case Study: Macy’s Customers Use Text Messaging to Donate & Save Money

9/17/2013 – Jim Manis of the BBB Mobile Giving Foundation Named to NonProfit Times Power and Influence Top 50 List for 2013

8/20/2013 – Macy’s boosts annual shopping/charity event with text-to-give strategy

2/15/2013 – Get Help. Give Help. Connect with loved ones. Microsoft launches free HelpBridge App.

11/5/2012 – BBB MGF Continues to Urge Support for Hurricane Sandy Relief Through Mobile Giving

10/30/2012 – BBB MGF Urges Support For Hurricane Sandy Relief Through Mobile Giving

10/11/2012 – Mobile Giving All Grown Up (MobileCON Life – Day 2)

6/20/2012 - Tony Sklar speaks with Jim Manis at the 2012 CTIA event held in New Orleans

5/25/2012 – CTIA 2012: Mobile Giving Foundation Rebranding Program

5/8/2012 – Catching Up: Mobile Technology Keeps on Giving

5/7/2012 – Tampa Tech Giant Syniverse Shows Its Charitable Side

5/4/2012 – Syniverse Announces Premier Sponsorship Through Association With BBB Mobile Giving Foundation

5/2/2012 – Charities May Soon Get a Way to Seek Bigger Text Gifts

4/28/2012 – Hipcricket Extends Capabilities for Nonprofits Through Association With BBB Mobile Giving Foundation

3/3/2012 – Donate Safely Through Text

2/23/2012 – New Deal Helps Small Charities Use Text Appeals

2/21/2012 – Accord Reached on Mobile Standards

2/11/2012 – New Formats Could Lift Mobile Giving

2/21/2012 – MGF & BBB Wise Giving Alliance Enter Into Co-branding Relationship

10/28/2011 – Welcome To The Next Generation of Philanthropy

10/24/2011 – T-Mobile Sponsors 2nd Annual Mobile Giving Forum

10/17/2011 – Verizon Foundation Among Official Sponsors of 2nd Annual Mobile Giving Forum on Oct. 27 in NYC

9/13/2011 – MGF Announces Initial Slate of Speakers for 2nd Annual Mobile Giving Forum

5/3/2011 – MGF activates text-to-give campaigns for tornado victims in Southern U.S.

3/25/2011 – 8 New Ways to Help #Japan After the Earthquake

3/18/2011 – MGF Responds to Growing Consumer Interest in Text-To-Give Campaigns for Japan Relief Efforts

3/9/2011 – Mobile Giving Foundation: Epitome of Innovation

2/10/2011 – How Mobile Giving is Powering Charity (USA Today)

1/12/2011 – Yes, You Can Still Donate Money to Haiti Via Your Cellphone

1/12/2011 – Support First Anniversary of Haiti Earthquake Through Mobile Giving

1/4/2011 – Cool, New Phones at CES Perfect for Mobile Giving to Haiti Relief

12/30/2010 – MGF Thanks Mobile Carriers and Other Supporters for Tremendous Success in 2010

12/20/2010 - Haiti Quake Shook Mobile Giving Awake

12/14/2010 - How to Make Your Impact This Holiday Season

12/3/2010 - A Test of Bigger Gifts to Charity via Text Message

12/3/2010 - Charities hope mobile giving will spawn new generation of younger donors

11/30/2010 - Save the World in 10 Seconds

11/29/2010 - Mobile Giving Foundation strives for a perpetual season of philanthropy

11/29/2010 - For a growing number of Canadians, charity begins at phone

11/18/2010 - MGF named winner of 2010 MMA Award

11/10/2010 - Why the “Dumbphone” Market is Still Ripe for Innovation

10/20/2010 - MGF named winner of 2010 RCR Ecosystem Award

10/7/2010 - MGF a Finalist in the MMA Awards

10/6/2010 - Mobile Finds Key Role in Relief Efforts

8/22/2010 - Text-to-donate campaign launched to help Pakistan Flood Relief efforts

7/28/2010 - Rethinking How to Calculate Mobile-Giving’s Benefits

7/20/2010 - Mobile Giving Foundation (MGF) will host the first annual Mobile Giving Forum

6/8/2010 - SMS: The New Horizon of Fundraising

5/27/2010 - Mobile Giving Launched for Oil Spill Cleanup

4/21/2010 - ‘Idol Gives Back’ takes donations via text message

4/7/2010 - SMS second to Web in charitable donations: Study

03/17/2010 – Mobile Giving Foundation Chairman and CEO, Jim Manis, speaks to Seattle’s Morning Drive Program KOMO News Radio 1000 about the power of mobile giving.

01/14/2010 – Jim Manis speaks to Los Angeles Morning Drive Program KFWB News Talk 980 about how the Mobile Giving Foundation is helping with the Haitian relief effort.

01/14/2010 – Mobile Giving Foundation & Haitian Relief on NBC Bay Area

Jessica Biel Text to Donate PSA

Share Our Strength Food Drive Video

2/9/09 Share Our Strength Call to Action

1/7/09 - 2008 Children’s Holiday Campaign

1/5/09 - Mobile Donations May Grow Tenfold From $500,000 in 2008

12/30/08 - First Year of Mobile Giving Out Performs First Year of Online Giving

12/4/2008 - Donating Food This Holiday Season Is As Easy As Sending A Text

12/3/2008 - Wireless Subscribers Pledge More Than $190,000 to American Red Cross Through Text 2help Program

10/20/2008 - Text Child to 90999 for Harlow: Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s Little Capricorn

10/7/2008 - The New Face of Giving

10/1/2008 - Give a Donation Through a Text Message

9/22/2008 - Mobility is Moving In

9/18/2008 - RESPECT! Campaign Launch Rallies Nation to Use Virtual Voices to Speak Out Against Abuse

9/10/2008 - Quattro Wireless Publishers First to Raise Hand to Support Mobile Giving Foundation

8/29/2008 - Interview with Jim Manis of the Mobile Giving Foundation

7/12/2008 - Fight pediatric diabetes with SMS text messages – Washington Nationals and MLB.com help fight childhood disease

5/22/2008 - Qualcomm Backs Mobile Giving Foundation

5/20/2008 - Mobile Giving Foundation Creates a New Way of Contributing to the World Through Mobile…

5/19/2008 - Mobile Giving Foundation Creates a New Way of Contributing to the World through Mobile Phones

2/12/2008 - Is mobile giving about to take off in the United States?

2/1/2008 - United Way Launches Cell Phone Text-to-Give with Tom Brady at Super Bowl XLII to Boost Youth Fitness